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Historic Camden Chicken Coop

Posted on Jan 8, 2023 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

There have been many exciting changes at Historic Camden in the past two years. One of which was the beginning of a farm initiative demonstrating crop culture (prepping soil, sowing, watering, and harvesting) and the beginnings of animal husbandry. That is to say chickens and guineas. The chicks were “started” off site and very quickly grew. And quickly out grew their starter accommodations. The local Tech school was engaged to make a coop as a senior class project, the result was too small and not appropriate to an 18th century farm look. The director asked if I could make one lickity split.

I was given some sketches and one picture of a coop at Colonial Williamsburg. I had access to some red cedar which I employed for the bottom and back and doors and live edge pine boards which made an appropriate looking roof. I wove thin strips of pine around dowels to give some ventilation. It looks appropriate sitting out in front of the farm house.

As soon as it was in place it was christened “Cluckingham Palace”..

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