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Tiny Tables

Posted on Jan 14, 2019 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Various woods in various sizes, square, round, rectangular and oval, Clear Polyurethane Finish.

It was while enjoying a glass of wine with some of her tennis friends that my wife, Chris, became frustrated with having to put her glass on the floor next to her chair on the back porch. There is a coffee table, but it is just not within comfortable arm reach of the chair. She asked me if I couldn’t make her a small table, just big enough for a wine glass that she could place next to the chair. Not so big that it would be an occasional table or an end table, but a Tiny Table.

The one above is the result of that request. It then occurred to me that she was not the only one who would appreciate a table that could fit into a very small space and hold a cup of tea, glass of wine, beer, plant or small bowl. So I made a bunch of them. I had a few friends test drive them and tell me what they think. The results were positive and informative. We have hardwood floors and no dogs. One of our friends had carpet and a Golden Retriever. They reported that the dog’s wagging tail (the dog was a happy dog) was enough to knock it over, and it seemed unstable on carpet. So two solutions came of that. One was to make a stout version( pictured below) and the next solution was to change the base to stone. The stone doesn’t look so good yet because I’m not very good at polishing stone. But I will figure something out.


  1. Where can I buy one of these tables?

    • There will be 3 Tiny Tables at the Revolutionary War Center Gift Shop tomorrow 25 Jan.

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