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Desks for M & J

Posted on Jan 13, 2019 by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

In the journey of woodworking that I have taken, I did develop what is known as a style. I was unaware of its existence until a friend of mine when seeing a new piece remarked “Ah yes, in Philip style.”

Beech Top, Andiroba Legs, Clear Polyurethane Finish, 60″ Wide, 34″ Deep, Waterfall Drop 12″.

A couple that had been to visit us in our home and had just finished a lovely new office behind their house, asked me to make them both a desk. I asked for particulars and they specified a slab top and old-machinery legs. Any further details that I requested were generally met with “What ever you think best. We like what you do.”

My personality type is a “people pleaser”, so hearing that is both gratifying and angst producing. Do I really know what they want? Is this in keeping with what I do? I was very happy to learn that when I presented the finished desks the answer to both was a resounding “Yes.”

The Beech slabs that I worked with were stunningly beautiful. The grain variety, ingrown bark voids, and spalting in the sap wood all made for very dynamic and interesting surfaces. I added a few “butterfly inlays” to stabilize the slab where a check (crack) might possibly continue to spread. It is always a delight to work with beautiful wood.

I do admit to a “check on progress” after I had begun working on the slabs (each of which weighed more than 125lbs.), and before I had cut the waterfall element. Chris and I had this couple over for dinner and we looked in my shop at that time to see the desks in a rough state. They assured me that I was indeed on the right track.

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  1. I am the J in the M and J equation. And we are indeed pleased, no, overwhelmed by the beauty of our desks. It is a pleasure to walk into my office and be met by these gorgeous works of art each day! Thank you, Phillip. Anything you had done would have pleased us. These put us over the moon!

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